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Multipro Mandiri


We believe today’s technology and business is united to increase your product value in the market.
with providing hardware and software development services that add value to your business.



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.our products

asset management system

easy controlling, monitoring and tracking. a quicker and more effective work process.

trading software system

we use artificial intelegent to analyze stocks and make you profit!

Smart Security Surveillance

monitoring & analyze your security surveillence system. cctv with face recognition.

.our solution

managed services.

you can focus on key core business and we’ll support management process, day-to-day operational and resolve issues, improve availability, maintenance of your tech

software development

we provide web based and mobile applications with flexibility, efficiency, and reliability as our foundation, tailored to your specific needs.

.infrastructure & networking

provide you tech infrastructure and networking needs such as servers, hard drives, ups, routers, and everything else that matters to the subject.

branding & awareness.

brand is everything! we will help you create an awareness to your brand, establishing your business as a professional and a reliable entity, that are relevant to your core.

business consulting

profit for your business is everything! working with you to transform the way you use technology for reach more achievement.

.cyber security

tech security prevents malicious threats, security breaches that can have a huge impact on your organization. let our professional to take care your system security.

.our value


being humble and low self-regard to serve you to reach our goals together.


your success is value to us. we’ll use all efforts to increase your company’s value.


finding solution for your dynamic problems, so you’ll still leading in the market.


we made portfolio to our clients for easy to learn about our works.


taking risks, ignoring doubt and facing fears to doing something different.
.about us

working with great people

we’re not only a tech company, we are a company that understands and has the experience on how tech will drive businesses. we know how to combine between tech and business to increase profit and value for your company
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