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What we do is to help your business to utilize every resources to their maximum efficiency. It is our pleasure to be able to collaborate with you and your brand in every possible way with an open mind attitude to reach satisfying results for both parties.



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Our Story

Over the Years



Starting with CV. Multipro Mandiri and single ownership. our first customer is Universitas Terbuka. We deliver managed services in network, server, pc, laptop and all ICT infrastructure for them over more than 5 years.


New Management

At the end of 2017 we reborn with new management. New identity become into a PT and with all full team, not only handle hardware and ICT infrastructure, also as a software company.


smart security surveillance

We launch our first services in security & surveillance named COSMIC. In this year COSMIC used by our 3 clients and contract managed services for the next 5 years, until 2023.


trading software system

In the same year, we launch our 2nd application for personal trader with names SIVINA. An application using Artificial Intelligence to read and recommendation for newbie in stocks trading.

We also start a community name VRS Community in the same year. Now, in 2020 VRS Community has more than 1000 members all over Indonesia, and still counting…


asset management system

ER1S is a system for a company to controlling, monitoring and tracking their all asset. a quicker and more effective work process we build. Starting from acquisition company in asset management software specialize for asset in hospital, we modified into a system for corporate.


The Stories still counting…

In 2020 the world made history with the occurrence of a pandemic covid-19 that resulted in the weakness of the economy in various countries, no exception with us, but we continue to provide the best for our customers. Hopefully this pandemic soon passes, God bless us all.

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